Welcome to our website!

We are proud to welcome you to our new and improved website! We began this journey a year ago and have a few people to thank for this achievement.

First the photos…..We began our journey by having the staff and their pet’s photos taken by Dave Jensen Photography. What an amazing experience! Those of you who know Dave will understand the fun we all had having our pictures taken with our pets by such a talented and professional photographer. Dave is amazing and his assistant Kelsey made scheduling and set-up a breeze. While not every picture on the website was taken by Dave, you can be sure that all the very best ones we owe to his talent. Click here to visit his website: Alaska Portraits – Dave Jensen Photography

Next the layout and design…..we partnered with local web design and marketing company Apokrisis. “Apokrisis” is the greek word for answers and boy do they live up to their name! Monica and Kristen led us through the entire process – from the initial consultation to this morning’s launch – they were there for us all the way. They delivered a site that contained all the functionality we asked plus some features we didn’t even know we needed! Monica’s middle name should be “Patience”. She spent many hours over the course of many months helping us learn how to create and load our content. Our sincere thanks to everyone at Apokrisis (especially Monica and Kristen) for listening to us and delivering such a fine site. You can click here to visit their website: Apokrisis

And then came the content…..We had two primary goals in mind when we began this journey. Our first goal was to create a website that served as a useful tool for our clients. Our new features are designed to save you time and answer some of your most commonly asked questions. We added the ability to request a prescription refill, make an appointment, complete a client service survey, and many other time saving options. If we missed one you would like to see – let us know! A website can never replace face to face time, but we are hoping our clients find this new site can save them time and make our interactions even easier. Our second goal was to create a website that reflected our unique CVAC personality. We want our website to reflect our passion for veterinary medicine and the enormous joy we feel in caring for all pets. We truly do want you to consider us your family’s other doctors and we wanted our website to reflect this desire.

So there you have it…..whether you are an old friend or a potential new client we hope that you will find our website helpful and easy to use! Enjoy!