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Blue Jones

Dear Dr. Nicholson and the College Village Animal Clinic staff:

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and my sister Lammie all these years. We were very sad when we lost Lammie last summer, but the staff at College Village Animal Clinic were caring and compassionate and helped my family through the sadness.

I have had a couple of weird ailments over the years, and you have taken the time to do research to figure out what might be wrong with me. You have always called my parents the next day after a visit to let them know what you found out and to make sure I was doing OK.

I love coming to the clinic as you and your staff are so friendly and nice and play with me and give me cookies and make me feel very special.

Your friend, Blue

Brooke Venning

This clinic is amazing. They really care about the animals first and foremost. After having several bad experiences with other animal hospitals in town I’ll definitely never go anywhere else but here.

Dan Bailey

The doctors and staff at this clinic are all wonderful. I’d highly recommend College Village to any pet owner.

Debby Martin

College Village Animal Clinic has been caring for our animals for many years. They not only care about our pets, they care about us too. They are willing to go that extra mile to treat and heal so our pets can have happy healthy lives. Thank You.

Dennis and Melissa Mitchell

Three generations of our family have trusted the care of our four legged family members to College Village Animal Clinic since 1973 with Dr. Pam Tuomi. From bringing a new little one home, to helping a longtime buddy be comfortable at the end of life, College Village veterinarians and staff have been a source of excellent medical care and knowledge. The compassion and kindness that everyone demonstrates is greatly appreciated by our family. We would never consider seeking medical care for our loved ones from anyone else. Thank you, College Village Animal Clinic, for all that you do for our animal family members and for us humans…..you are the best!

Dennis and Melissa Mitchell

Three generations of loved ones……Sutton, Abigail, Amanda, Daisy, Max, Louis, Stevey, Augustus, Gretchen, Tenet, Yuki, Toshiro

Jaymie Felton and Panda Rose

This letter is to thank the staff at College Village Animal Clinic, and specifically Dr. Peter Nicholson, DVM, for the outstanding care and compassion they have given my little Shih Tzu, Panda Rose. Two years ago, Rosie at age 12, began having fainting spells, which I thought were seizures. She would arch her back, cry out, and was clearly not cognizant of her surrounding. When this first occurred I was frantic, thinking I was losing her. I rushed her to CVAC and Dr. Nicholson took over.

He carefully studied her past history, ran the necessary tests, and diagnosed her as having heart disease, high blood pressure and Cushing’s disease in addition to a previously diagnosed liver condition. Since then, he has been able to stabilize her condition with the proper medication and ongoing follow-up care. He clearly saved her life, and I will be forever grateful for the extra years I’ve had with her.

Several times a year I travel out-of-state with Rosie. During these times, Dr. Nicholson has demonstrated his professionalism and caring, by staying in contact with a veterinary internist and veterinarian opthalmologist in that state so that Rosie can continue to receive the top-notch care, proper medications, and follow-up as needed.

I also add that he has spent countless hours with me on the phone and in the clinic, making sure I understand exactly what is going on with Rosie, what I need to do for her, and discussing medications and treatment options. This is in addition to the much appreciated emotional support I have received during these times, both from his caring assistants and Dr. Nicholson himself.

Rosie and I continue to carry on a close working relationship with the staff at CVAC. I call them regularly for medication refills and questions and concerns that arise. I would never consider taking Rosie, or any future pets, anywhere else but College Village Animal Clinic.

I do believe that Dr.Nicholson and his staff have gone far beyond the norm in providing the foremost in veterinary care to my Rosie. I am truly indebted to this group of outstanding professionals.

Jayne Jones and Blue

There is nothing more important than making sure your pet is in good hands when it comes to medical needs or preventative care. I have had many pets over the past 30+ years, and I have used many veterinarians in Anchorage as well as Texas. College Village Animal Clinic, and Dr. Peter Nicholson in particular, is by far the very best. I have been a client of College Village Animal Clinic for eight years and I would never consider going any place else. Our beloved Rottweiler Blue has been a patient of Dr. Nicholson’s for the same length of time. He loves going to the clinic to see Dr. Nicholson and getting cookies from the girls in front.
It’s interesting how we found the best clinic and the best veterinarian. The clinic is located in our neighborhood within walking distance from our house, and I needed a toenail trim on a mixed breed dog we had and I didn’t want to go all the way across town to the current vet. I called and made an appointment at College Village, and I was very pleased with what I saw when I walked in. The clinic is spotless and the staff is friendly and welcoming. It was then that I decided I would “try them out” for my next wellness check. I took Blue in for his wellness check and I have been a faithful client ever since.

We lost Lammie, our rescue mixed-breed female, all of a sudden last summer. The College Village staff was comforting and compassionate helping us through that painful time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Nicholson and the College Village Staff for the care and concern they have always shown for our pet family over the years. We are always greeted by a friendly staff that know our names and are familiar with the health issues of our pets.
Dr. Nicholson has many patients, but he always treats us like we are the only one. He spends time explaining what is wrong, or right, and never hesitates to answer any questions. He has always been available for us, and he once came in on his day off to take care of a health issue with Blue. Blue is not just our pet, he is a very important and special member of our family, and having good medical care for him is imperative. We have that with College Village Animal Clinic and Dr. Nicholson.
Thank you.
Jayne & Alan Jones and Blue

Jerry & Ali Zemlicka

My wife are not just pet owners, we are dog lovers! My wife’s mother has been a dog breeder and trainer for over 20 years and her father presently practices Veterinary Medicine so she has a long history and relationship with pets, specifically dogs, all of her life. We have used the services of College Village Animal Clinic, and all the doctors but most often Dr Jon Basler, for the past 11 years. They have treated 6 of our dogs over the years providing care for routine examinations, teeth cleanings, vaccinations, travel documentations, licensing, surgery (broken femur, removal of ingested objects, spaying, and other minor repairs), nail clipping, multiple routine canine illnesses and infectious diseases and even euthanasia. They have even recommended we consult the opinions of a specialist, once regarding a rare systemic condition and the other regarding an injury. We cannot recommend any Veterinary Clinic we have used more highly than CVAC.
We especially appreciate that they familiarize themselves thoroughly with you and your pet history before you ever arrive at the clinic so they immediately have a personal connection with you, your pet and the reason you have made the appointment. They respectfully treat every animal in the clinic as though they were their own and make them feel loved and safe in their care. We appreciate the reminders we get for vaccinations, needed exams and follow-up care, and especially their post treatment concern for your pets recovery from recent illness or procedures they have performed and even how the pet has responded to the medications they prescribe.
When our Labrador retriever, Maya, became so gravely ill at the end of her life and we could not stand watching her suffer any longer, we discussed Euthanasia with Dr Basler. He helped us make an unbelievably difficult decision from among some very undesirable treatment options, none of which would give her more life. The procedure went exactly as Dr Basler had described, Maya was at peace throughout the entire event while my wife, Dr Basler, his assistant, and myself were all holding onto Maya bawling as we watched her life slip peacefully away. Then a very short time later we received a letter of sympathy from their clinic, signed by all the staff telling us how much Maya was missed by them as well. We understand this is good practice management but their personal touches are authentic and each person we have encountered at the clinic has a personal love for animals. They will take time to answer your questions and if they don’t have an immediate answer at the time will call you back later with the best information they could find. All of the staff; the Drs, technicians, receptionists and front office have been professional with us. They willingly discuss the financial issues before and after treatment and give you treatment or procedural options when they are available.
In regards to afterhours care, one time when my wife was out of town visiting family, I was particularly concerned when I had a true emergency, I could not reach Dr Basler over a weekend when one of our puppies was having difficulty breathing. CVAC office recorded message referred me to a Pet Emergency facility not far from their office. I was less than happy thinking that I wouldn’t know the people at this other clinic and was not certain a licensed Veterinarian would even be present at the particular time I arrived on the weekend. I soon found out how wrong I was and what a wonderful place they had recommended. Not only was a Dr always present but their staff and Drs had the same attitude and love for my pet as College Village Animal Clinic. Since that time we have needed to use them again and both times my wife and I were very pleased with the clinic and the care they provided our pets.
We are very grateful to have such a quality and loving Veterinary Clinic as College Village Animal Clinic to care for our pets. We value our pets a much as we do any human life and consequently want the best for them as anyone would want for their own child or other family member. Thank you College Village Animal Clinic!

John Z.

Top notch knowledgeable staff, always friendly, helpful, and compassionate. Never feel rushed when talking to one of the vets.

Kelly St. John and Cash

The staff at College Village are all courteous, professional, and caring towards me and my fur baby Cash. They go out of their way to take good care of us and we recommend them to every pet owner we know!

Kevin Boots

I have had golden retrievers since 1997 and my family and I have always taken them to College Village Animal Clinic. The staff is amazing and always remembers our dogs. The doctors and vet techs are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I’ve always considered my dogs to be family members and College Village Animal Clinic treats them as such. Even when my dog has a minor emergency or illness they have always been able to make time for us and I leave feeling both much better and that we’ve received first rate care. I have wholeheartedly recommended College Village Animal Clinic to several new pet owners and will continue to do so.

Kyndall Carey

Dr. Nicholson has been our veterinarian at College Village Animal Clinic for several years now. My dogs have never been in better care! Everyone is so friendly and so eager to help. All of the staff genuinely care about our pets and take time to greet them. I really feel comfortable bringing my pets to the clinic and know that they are receiving the best care possible.

Liz Rockwell

When our family moved to College Village in Anchorage in 1970 we asked around about finding good animal care for our two dogs and we chose College Village Animal Clinic.

Throughout the years the Clinic doctors have taken care of a succession of our dogs. Sometimes it was for routine matters or long-term conditions and at other times for life threatening episodes.

Everyone jumped in to help us when we visited the Clinic, including the friendly front desk staff. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

P.J. Hill and Mimi Hogan

I moved to Anchorage 35 years ago with two dogs and two cats. Fortunately College Village Animal Clinic was near my first neighborhood and I lucked out on finding a phenomenal clinic. Seven dogs and four cats have been entrusted to care at College Village and I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. My animals have had caring vets whose advice I valued. All the staff have been very caring and professional. We have been through accidents, cancers, and illnesses together not to mention the routine exams to keep everyone healthy. The end of life of our family friends has been eased each time by the compassionate staff of College Village Animal Clinic. Thank you all.

Tim Pearson

The people at College Village Animal Clinic really care about Bearded Dragons. Our dragon, Ajax, is grateful.