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High-tech fiber optics permit direct visual examination and biopsies of your pet’s gastrointestinal system without invasive exploratory surgery. This allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of oral, esophageal, stomach, colon and even upper intestinal tract disease. In some cases, foreign objects can also be removed without the need for surgery.

In other cases the endoscope serves as a diagnostic aid (like X-rays with a broken leg). A foreign object (plastic toy) or material (string or sock) can be confirmed and a surgical procedure is performed to correct the illness.

The rigid endoscope used at CVAC is used for diagnostic purposes allowing visualization and sampling of abnormalities. The advantage of endoscopy over other methods of evaluating the digestive system is that it is nonsurgical. The technique allows for visualization of the lining of the digestive system and for taking samples of the lining of these organs, including biopsies.