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Technicians and Assistants


Licensed Veterinary Technician

In the 8th grade Alicia attended Career Day at Palmer Vet Clinic with Dr. John Tuomi (our very own Dr.Pam Tuomi’s brother-in-law) where she observed while they performed a spay on her own dog.  While she was a little queasy at first she quickly recovered and realized she had found her passion in life!  Alicia obtained her Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Pierce College in Lakewood, Washington in 2005. After passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam to become licensed, she moved home to Alaska to pursue her lifelong dream of working with animals. She joined CVAC in 2005. She is especially interested in the nursing aspects of the field and particularly enjoys monitoring surgery and anesthesia. Alicia manages our ordering system and vendor relationships – if your pet’s meds are a special order you can be sure it was Alicia who worked to find a source for you. She monitors our inventory and is our go-to person for just about anything here at CVAC. Alicia enjoys spending time with her husband and her fur babies: Rossa a 3-year-old Brittany and Mau-Mau her 6-year-old kitty.  They also enjoy living in Hatcher’s Pass where they can enjoy the many joys of the Alaskan great outdoors!


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jan is on a quest to change the world one pet mouth at a time!  Pet oral health is a passionate subject for Jan and her broad knowledge in this area allows her to provide exceptional client education and patient care.  Jan honed her dental prophylaxis skills in Fairbanks working along side a board certified veterinary dental specialist for many years.  After 15 years in Fairbanks, she moved to Anchorage and joined the CVAC family in January 2013 as a part-time technician and became full-time in December 2013.  In addition to dentistry, Jan enjoys orthopedics, oncology and neurology.  Jan’s kryptonite is any brachycephalic dog or cat breeds.  She positively melts when she engages with pugs, boston terriers or french bulldogs. When not busy at work she shares her life with two crazy pugs: Moose and Pita; a husky/greyhound mix named Bubba and a sneaky black cat officially named Keisha (aka Mishap).


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Hillary received her Technician License after passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam in 2007. She has a special interest in exotic animals, and has taken many continuing education classes to expand her knowledge of avian, reptile and marsupial husbandry.  She has worked in emergency medicine, and has extremely strong technician skills. Hillary has a strong commitment to animal welfare, and enjoys client education on all subjects relating to pet care. While working part-time at CVAC Hillary is finishing her degree in Biology at UAA. When she is not studying or working Hillary enjoys time with her menagerie of critters.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

What do Kentucky, New Zealand and Alaska all have in common? These are the three places Jes lived while earning her bachelor’s degree in History. Born and raised here in Anchorage, Jes wanted to try life on the outside before settling down in her hometown. After working many years in the tourism field, Jes decided to follow her dream of working with animals. She graduated from the UAA Mat-Su Veterinary Assisting Program in 2014 and after completing her internship with CVAC we were thrilled to have her join the team permanently. Jes passed the Veterinary Technician National Examination in the spring of 2018 and is officially a Licensed Veterinary Technician! She enjoys the many challenges of the veterinary field and is considering specializing in anesthesia. When your BFF growing up is a fuzzy black mixed breed dog named Tobie it is probably a good indicator that animals will be a big part of your life. We think Tobie would be proud of the career choice Jes has made!


Licensed Veterinary Technician

It is Amber’s knack for anticipating exactly what needs to be done that earned her the nick name “Ready Betty” at the clinic.  She is two steps ahead of most of the staff most of the time!  That is why you will see her in all the departments helping out where ever she is needed!  With a BS in Biology from Northern Arizona University Amber has a special interest in exotics and would like to one day be a veterinarian.  Amber and her husband Thomas share their home with a 3 year old bearded dragon named Winslow.  Winslow is a very charasmatic beardie who keeps his family well entertained.  They also have a 4 year old tree frog named Leonard and a 9 year old pomeranian named Bjorn who they rescued shortly after moving to Anchorage.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Ceci has seen more of Alaska than most. She moved here with her parents at the age of 4 and went with them as they taught all across the state – from Kalskag to Nome to Barrow. While getting her bachelors degree in Veterinary Technology from North Dakota State University she interned here at College Village. We loved her so much that we begged her to come back. After she graduated in 2017, she started working here full time. She loves working with all kinds of animals, from dogs to Macaws, and especially when she is doing diagnostics in our laboratory. Ceci enjoys her off-time with Pacha, her Russian Tortoise. You can also find her reading, painting, or paddling out in Alaska’s waterways.


Veterinary Assistant

According to her cat Kenny, Cherell’s love for animals comes from his early training – she is powerless to resist his charms!  Cherell has been with CVAC since 2010.  For several years she was a Technician Assistant and excelled at keeping us organized and that is no easy job in a busy clinic like ours!  In 2014 Cherell was promoted to Veterinary Assistant and she is preparing to take the Veterinary Technician National Examination to become a Licensed Veterinary Techncian. Cherell was born and raised in Talkeetna where most of her family still lives.  Cherell and her husband have 2 cats:  Kenny and Chaos, Frosty the ferret and Mr. Green a lovebird…oh and tropical fish!  Kenny is amazingly photogenic and can be seen multiple times across our website including here in his Mom’s arms – but beware his charms…you just might fall under his spell!