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Jayne Jones and Blue

There is nothing more important than making sure your pet is in good hands when it comes to medical needs or preventative care. I have had many pets over the past 30+ years, and I have used many veterinarians in Anchorage as well as Texas. College Village Animal Clinic, and Dr. Peter Nicholson in particular, is by far the very best. I have been a client of College Village Animal Clinic for eight years and I would never consider going any place else. Our beloved Rottweiler Blue has been a patient of Dr. Nicholson’s for the same length of time. He loves going to the clinic to see Dr. Nicholson and getting cookies from the girls in front.

It’s interesting how we found the best clinic and the best veterinarian. The clinic is located in our neighborhood within walking distance from our house, and I needed a toenail trim on a mixed breed dog we had and I didn’t want to go all the way across town to the current vet. I called and made an appointment at College Village, and I was very pleased with what I saw when I walked in. The clinic is spotless and the staff is friendly and welcoming. It was then that I decided I would “try them out” for my next wellness check. I took Blue in for his wellness check and I have been a faithful client ever since.

We lost Lammie, our rescue mixed-breed female, all of a sudden last summer. The College Village staff was comforting and compassionate helping us through that painful time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Nicholson and the College Village Staff for the care and concern they have always shown for our pet family over the years. We are always greeted by a friendly staff that know our names and are familiar with the health issues of our pets.
Dr. Nicholson has many patients, but he always treats us like we are the only one. He spends time explaining what is wrong, or right, and never hesitates to answer any questions. He has always been available for us, and he once came in on his day off to take care of a health issue with Blue. Blue is not just our pet, he is a very important and special member of our family, and having good medical care for him is imperative. We have that with College Village Animal Clinic and Dr. Nicholson.
Thank you.
Jayne & Alan Jones and Blue