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Jaymie Felton and Panda Rose

This letter is to thank the staff at College Village Animal Clinic, and specifically Dr. Peter Nicholson, DVM, for the outstanding care and compassion they have given my little Shih Tzu, Panda Rose.  Two years ago, Rosie at age 12, began having fainting spells, which I thought were seizures.  She would arch her back, cry out, and was clearly not cognizant of her surrounding.  When this first occurred I was frantic, thinking I was losing her.  I rushed her to CVAC and Dr. Nicholson took over.

He carefully studied her past history, ran the necessary tests, and diagnosed her as having heart disease, high blood pressure and Cushing's disease in addition to a previously diagnosed liver condition.  Since then, he has been able to stabilize her condition with the proper medication and ongoing follow-up care.  He clearly saved her life, and I will be forever grateful for the extra years I've had with her.

Several times a year I travel out-of-state with Rosie.  During these times, Dr. Nicholson has demonstrated his professionalism and caring, by staying in contact with a veterinary internist and veterinarian opthalmologist in that state so that Rosie can continue to receive the top-notch care, proper medications, and follow-up as needed. 

I also add that he has spent countless hours with me on the phone and in the clinic, making sure I understand exactly what is going on with Rosie, what I need to do for her, and discussing medications and treatment options.  This is in addition to the much appreciated emotional support I have received during these times, both from his caring assistants and Dr. Nicholson himself.  

Rosie and I continue to carry on a close working relationship with the staff at CVAC.  I call them regularly for medication refills and questions and concerns that arise.  I would never consider taking Rosie, or any future pets, anywhere else but College Village Animal Clinic.  

I do believe that Dr.Nicholson and his staff have gone far beyond the norm in providing the foremost in veterinary care to my Rosie.  I am truly indebted to this group of outstanding professionals.