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Puppy and Kitten Wellness

Congratulations on the addition to your family!  The doctors and staff at CVAC are excited to help you provide the best care possible for your new family member.  We have developed our wellness plans to include all the necessary exams, vaccinations, de-worming and lab tests needed to get your pet started on a long and healthy life.  You are also invited to join us each Thursday evening for our free puppy socialization parties!  Keeping your new family member happy and healthy is important and we are here to help you along the way.  


We know that when your pet is not feeling well you want answers and you want them quickly.  At CVAC you get the very best veterinary medicine all in one location saving you time and money and sparing your pet the wait for diagnosis and treatment.  We have fully digital radiology, an ultrasound and endoscope. Along with our in-house equipment, we utilize one of the nation’s largest reference laboratories in order to provide a full list of laboratory testing. Once your pet’s diagnostic results are in hand, our veterinarians can begin your pet’s treatment immediately. 


CVAC offers a team of highly qualified surgeons and technicians who perform routine to advanced surgical procedures. Our focus on patient safety, pain management, and employing the most current surgical practices is designed to exceed your expectations and put your concerns to rest. Our staff of compassionate, caring professionals will monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery and will take exceptional care to ensure a safe and complete recovery for your pet. 

Surgery can be a source of anxiety and stress for many pet owners. Maybe you worry about whether your pet will be well cared for, or perhaps you have concerns about adequate precautions and monitoring. Let us address your concerns. Whether your pet needs minor surgery or a complex procedure, call us. Let’s discuss how our surgical services can benefit your pet. 


Orthopedic problems are those that involve bones, joints, ligaments and muscles.  Diagnostics and treatment options available from CVAC include (but are not limited to):

Dentistry & Endodontics 

We believe preventative care is the best approach for long term oral health.  Our hospital is well equipped to provide dental care services including dental prophylaxis or cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, digital dental radiography, oral surgery and root canals.  A dental cleaning includes an oral examination, ultrasonic scaling of the teeth, polishing of the teeth, full-mouth radiographs, and full mouth charting.  We guarantee that all extractions and oral surgeries are performed only by our veterinarians.  Call us at 907-274-5623 to schedule a complimentary oral exam with a Licensed Veterinary Technician. 


CVAC has a strong passion for birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, reptiles and micro-pigs.  Caring for these pets often requires more time and specialized training beyond that needed for dogs and cats.  We want to ensure that your pet lives the longest, healthiest life it possibly can; and therefore, we stress preventative medicine, including proper diet and husbandry.